Each Smogon tier will have its own hub containing information about the tier in the tier, such as new projects or tournament winners, a list of resources on the 


Smogon Pokemon Showdown Tier List Health. Health Details: An Introduction to Smogon's Tier System - Smogon University.Health Details: The RU tier list is built the same way the OU and UU tiers are created.The BW RU Tier; Neverused (NU) Pokemon present in the NU tier lack qualities that would allow them to operate effectively, even in the UU (or RU) environment, and are thus not used much even

Leave a LIKE and subscriber if you enjoyed! :]Smogon Threadhttp://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/smogon 2016-06-24 · A series where PokeaimMD & MrJamvad discuss all of Smogon's OU Tier List! In this video we discuss Garchomp, Mega Gardevoir, Gengar, Gliscor, Heatran, Hippowdon, Jirachi, Keldeo, Klefki, Kyurem De senaste tweetarna från @SmogonU What Smogon has done was taken the Pokemon considered to OP and placed them into Ubers, then took the Pokemon most used by competitive players and placed them into OU, and threw in 3 Limbo tiers, which basically makes up the UU Beta tier. Pokemon considered Uber are unallowed in the OU tier, here's the list: Smogon is widely considered to be the premier competitive Pokémon website.

Smogon tier list

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OU is Smogon's most popular tier to play in since Pokemon in tiers above the tier you play in are banned, and since the most OP legendary Pokemon of the game are stuck in Ubers, OU is a good balance to the best Pokemon that game has to offer outside of. Here’s a basic tier list for the most powerful and weak Pokémon. ' mans really used the smogon format for this and i hate it even the borderlines lol couple changes move astrea and scylla down to UUBL(not good enough for price) put valk in same tier as hype cuz it gives highest possible dps+only loses like 400 intel who cares (maybe put both valk and hype in ubers instead of both in AG) Nov Smogon's Tier Update - Meinung? Wie findet ihr die neuen Einstufungen? Ich würde mich da über eure Meinung freuen, vi Overused Resources Discussion. #pokemon on SynIRC is a chat dedicated to competitive Pokémon discussion. You can learn more about IRC here..

Best Monotype Create a Gen 8 Pokemon team decider Tier List - TierMaker.

The target makes its move right after the user. Agility. Psychic

The objective of this thread is to lay out a visual list of all relevant speed tiers in the National Dex metagame. The list will include all fully-evolved Pokemon, but as the meta stabilizes, only speed tiers of relevant sets will be added.

Smogon tier list


Smogon tier list

Zero6798 1 year ago #2. rapid spin and stealth rocks are on every team. User Info: Yoni_Arousement. Yoni_Arousement 1 … 2020-11-06 Em VGC, Necrozma-DM não é peso pena! Necrozma-DM é um atacante de T rick Room notável em VGC, tirando proveito de seu grande bulk e ability Prism Armor para aguentar golpes super efetivos e ativar Weakness Policy, permitindo-lhe se tornar uma presença ofensiva assustadora. Necrozma-DM também pode usar Swords para neutralizar os vários usuários de Intimidate, como Incineroar e 2007-11-22 Everything from Bisharp on down is now UU tier. The UU Beta ladder will soon be active on Showdown.

1986 fanns det tier pirater an sandareama- torer mellan 28,000 SMOGON. 16.
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At current, Smogon has 6 recognized tiers (Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, PU.) Pokémon are organized in tiers based on their usage and viability in the current metagame. A Pokémon may move up in tier if its usage in its current tier exceeds 3.41%.

Les sets sont OU Set stratégique pour le tier Over Used. 17 Jun 2020 1 Great League PVP Tier List · 2 Attackers Tier List · 3 Pokemon List · 4 Comprehensive DPS/TDO Spreadsheet · 5 Trainer Battle Resource List  8 Feb 2018 Smogon(the best fan site for Pokemon competitive games) banned it even from their ban list! They made up a whole new tier without rules for  The Ranking of Starters - A First Evolution Pokémon Starter Tier List. Vetted by members of This tier list does resemble smogon's tier list.
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Thanks to sketchy tests for the replay:https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ru-680047759Shoutouts to Animation Rewind:Spongebob vs Mickey Mouse: https://ww

Very inefficient Pokémon will be put in the low tier. 1 AG 2 Uber 3 OU 4 (OU) 5 BL 6 UU 7 BL2 8 RU 9 BL3 10 NU 11 BL4 12 PU 13 NFE 14 LC Uber 15 LC Rayquaza-Mega Aegislash Arceus Arceus-Bug Arceus-Dark Arceus-Dragon Arceus-Electric Arceus-Fairy Arceus-Fighting Arceus-Fire Arceus-Flying Arceus-Ghost Arceus-Grass Arceus-Ground Arceus-Ice Arceus-Poison Arceus-Psychic Arceus-Rock Arceus-Steel Arceus-Water Blaziken Blaziken-Mega Darkrai Deoxys Deoxys OU Usage Statistics and Tier Shifts This page shows OU's usage stats and tier shifts over Gen V, for those interested in the tier's history, and the most recent Gen VI movements. Note that from April 2011 to February 2012 and April 2012 to September 2012, OU's usage stats were not posted separately from the main batch of stats, so the usage Tiers Find out where your Pokémon are ranked! Banlists for every tier can also be found here. Clauses A list of clauses that apply to each of Smogon's metagames.

The Ranking of Starters - A First Evolution Pokémon Starter Tier List. Vetted by members of This tier list does resemble smogon's tier list. Each mega will have  

Xerneas. Yveltal. OU (OverUsed) is Smogon's fundamental usage-based tier.

Because of the tier list (and the fact that its members are known to be elitist at times), Smogon is commonly hated by 1) people who can't accept that their favourite pokemon is placed too high or low; 2) people who just plain hate tiers in general, and 3) people who sees Pokemon as a ten-years-old's RPG only, and not as a strategy game.